The Forces of Darkness in France ~ Jacob Cohen.

januari 19, 2015

The Wall Will Fall

France: “Human Rights” and Citizen Rights.
There is no advantage at this time, except for aping the political class and its lackeys, in introducing such totalitarian ideologies. Damned are those who go against the dictates of the ruling classes, the system.  “Justice”- nothing more than a servile assistant – is crumbling under the weight of the cruelty and cynicism required to sustain our corrupt, spineless & cowardly regime, slave to the CRIF and with a destiny utterly shackled to a dominant and conquering Zionist lobby.
There are countless victims of France’s  witch hunt, reminiscent of the Inquisitiion!  Teachers suspended or laid off for not toeing the “kosher” line, the only Institutionally approved rule book.  The slightest deviation from the “rules” or an expression that does not comply is immediately crushed.  A call went out and was relayed by a slavish media to reveal those who “would not be Charlie”.  Soon…

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